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Royal Connections

Posted on August 4, 2017 By Blazer Bear

Royal connections

As Prince George begins his school career, Blazer Bear are ready and waiting to make a regal keepsake! We are eager to face the challenge as we have already made a number of bears for the pupils of St Thomas’s Battersea, where the young prince will attend.

Our St Thomas’s keepsakes

Our St Thomas’s keepsakes have used a variety of  different aspects of the uniform. We have created keepsakes from their sweatshirts emblazoned with Thomas’s, sports tops, socks have become scarves and usually always feature the lovely gingham shirt…we always love a bit on gingham!

However the Prince is not the only royal connection we have here at Blazer Bear. We have made bears for Wetherby School in Notting Hill where both Prince Harry and Prince William were previous pupils. We really enjoyed their tribute to their Mum last week and here they are looking super cute in their uniforms! The very same week we were making a Wetherby Blazer Bear for one of their leavers! The red braiding looks so smart, the red tie was used as ears and the socks made a matching scarf. Wetherby bears certainly look smart enough to be a regal keepsake.

But if your littles ones aren’t quite old enough to go to school, don’t fret! Princess Charlotte looks adorable in all her gorgeous outfits and her floral dresses are no exception. It would make a perfect regal keepsake and a lovely momento. We have made some Special Memory bears from customers’ equally beautiful dresses and their toddlers favourite outfits. The bridesmaid bear had little silk covered buttons and we recreated the floral headband with similar yellow flowers that were worn on the special day. So rather than being kept in a box the silk dress was made into a Special Memory Bear and cushion which we hear is a very treasured reminder of a very happy event!

by Alice Kettlewell

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How did it start?

tplFriends since their first children were born, Pru and Kathy are two mums whose children are now at secondary school. As a special keepsake Pru made each of her children a teddy bear out of their old school Blazers. Kathy loved the concept so they joined forces and Blazer Bear. was born.  Find out more

How does it work?

Whether it be a blazer, school uniform, rugby shirts, precious clothing babygros, the list is endless. Everything is lovingly handcrafted entirely from what you give us. If it is a group school order you are after, we can often source the fabrics and even incorporate a school emblem Find out 

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