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Keepsake Bear Mascots

Posted on October 14, 2014 By Blazer Bear

Keepsake bear mascots


The teddy bear has featured as a mascot for many years in so many different guises. From good luck mascots during WW1 and WW2 to sport icons. Even cities have taken the bear as a symbol such as Berlin who depict a  black bear on their coat of arms. No one really know how this came about but it has become feature of the town where keepsake bears and t shirts depicting the bear are popular tourist memorabilia.


Some of the most adorable keepsake bears hark back to WW1 when little pocket bears were taken as love tokens and good luck charms. A set of adorable teddy bears taken to the front by soldiers in the First World War were sold at auction last year.Despite being loved as children’s toys for more than 80 years, the 27 bears were in remarkably good condition and were sold for thousands of pounds.Even the bears’ name tags are still intact, revealing their adorable names including Bubble, Fluffy, Imp, Mac, Willy, Peter, Joyce, Cecil and Alice.

We follow  @thepocketbearsand @Pocket_Ted on Twitter. It is a Shetland based platoon of tiny WW1 mascot bears made in 1915! They pop up in all sorts of places and it is so lovely to see these special historical keepsake bears are so well loved and looked after! Sadly many of the bears found were taken from soldiers who never made it home and returned if possible to their families.


Children in Need is a charity that has been going since 1980 and has raised over £600 million to change the lives of children in the UK.  It’s famous teddy bear mascot is Pudsey! The cute bear is sold as keepsakes for charity throughout the year but November is the famous telethon on the BBC. The bear was named after the designer who created him as Pudsey in West Yorkshire was her home town. Pudsey has been redesigned several times and is now joined by a female bear named ‘Blush’. She has a spotty bow similar to Pudseys bandana.

This week we are attending the Action Medical Research Fair in Beaconsfield. This charity has Paddington Bear as its mascot and we are very much looking forward to supporting such a worth while cause. There are lots of stalls attending at Hall Barn by kind permission of the Hon. Mrs Jenefer Farncombe. It looks like a rain free day and the perfect place to start the Christmas shopping! Do come and visit our stall where we will be displaying keepsake bears from all over the country including some keepsake bear mascots we have made for several schools and sports clubs. One of latest mascots is to be made from a Wellington College uniform…we think he will look very handsome indeed!




How did it start?

tplFriends since their first children were born, Pru and Kathy are two mums whose children are now at secondary school. As a special keepsake Pru made each of her children a teddy bear out of their old school Blazers. Kathy loved the concept so they joined forces and Blazer Bear. was born.  Find out more

How does it work?

Whether it be a blazer, school uniform, rugby shirts, precious clothing babygros, the list is endless. Everything is lovingly handcrafted entirely from what you give us. If it is a group school order you are after, we can often source the fabrics and even incorporate a school emblem Find out 

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