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Remembrance Day – Forces Keepsakes

Posted on November 8, 2017 By Blazer Bear

Forces Keepsakes

Forces Keepsakes are very special keepsake bears in the Blazer Bear workshop. Since 11/11 is approaching we are all wearing our poppies and thinking about all the Forces keepsakes we have made. We have created a poppy bear as a reminder of the sacrifices the armed forces have made. Because so many have given their lives  we are incredibly proud to have been able to make keepsake bears out of such wonderful uniforms.

Because all the uniforms come with interesting detail each bear is a treasured keepsake. The Blazer Bear team always make the keepsake bears a true representation of their owner since these uniforms have clearly been worn with pride .

The Forces Keepsake bears have been lovingly created using the uniforms, buttons, badges and braiding. A particularly fun keepsake bear  was made for a Kings Trooper soldier. As the uniform  contained gold braid and gold buttons an incredibly smart keepsake bear was made.

Special Keepsake

A special bear was made using an RAF jumper and because the epaulets were important we ensured we included them onto the bears shoulders. The beret on his head completed this Forces keepsake!

The Blazer Bear team loved making a Forces keepsake bear using RAF/military uniform. Made specifically to travel with its owner to Afghan and other locations it was a great mascot for the troops!  The bear was made from a camouflage jacket and was decorated with memorable badges.

We received the jackets belonging to a soldier who had fought in the second World War and were asked to create two bears as a gift. Each bear included the epaulets of the original jackets along with badges and medals. One of the bears had gold ceremonial buttons down its front and the other included the pockets of the jacket and the owners medal. Each bear had a scarf with pin badges attached.





How did it start?

tplFriends since their first children were born, Pru and Kathy are two mums whose children are now at secondary school. As a special keepsake Pru made each of her children a teddy bear out of their old school Blazers. Kathy loved the concept so they joined forces and Blazer Bear. was born.  Find out more

How does it work?

Whether it be a blazer, school uniform, rugby shirts, precious clothing babygros, the list is endless. Everything is lovingly handcrafted entirely from what you give us. If it is a group school order you are after, we can often source the fabrics and even incorporate a school emblem Find out 

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