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School leavers keepsake gifts

Posted on February 12, 2018 By Blazer Bear

School leavers keepsakes

One of our most popular purchases are our school leavers keepsakes. Last year we introduced our keepsake cushions to compliment our other keepsake products and they have proved very popular! The same concept applies as the bears, as the cushions can be created from any special clothing. What customers have appreciated is that within the same family the children have their own preferences. Some like the keepsake cushions, some prefer a Blazer Bear. It allows everyone to make their own choice of keepsake and truly personalise it. Something to suit all tastes!

Headmasters leaving keepsake gift

Recently we completed a lovely order for a departing Headmaster and his family. Each of his three children received a keepsake Blazer Bear with a message from the school embroidered on the back. The Headmaster and his wife received a keepsake cushion.

We created the main body of the bears from the very smart dark blue blazers of Feltonfleet School with the braiding used as piping down the middle. We made the paws from the light blue shirt, with the kilt added as cuffs, ears and a scarf. As the colours of the uniform are blue and yellow we added a light blue nose which tied in with the school emblem on the front. The yellow was picked up with the embroidery on the back. Finally,each bear was an owner of a cosy fleece hat to wear on colder days :)

The keepsake cushion incorporated even more uniform. The jumper, tie, kilt, summer dress and blazer were all used for the front of the cushion. We used the Feltonfleet sports uniform to make the back of the cushion. We finished the cushion off with piping around the outside and light blue embroidery above the emblem.

School Leavers 2018

We would love to make your childrens school keepsakes and are always ready to give advice regarding design or what clothing to send. We offer discounts for group orders such as a class of school leavers and we can send pre addressed envelopes and a checklist to help you organise your order whether it be one keepsake or 50!

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How did it start?

tplFriends since their first children were born, Pru and Kathy are two mums whose children are now at secondary school. As a special keepsake Pru made each of her children a teddy bear out of their old school Blazers. Kathy loved the concept so they joined forces and Blazer Bear. was born.  Find out more

How does it work?

Whether it be a blazer, school uniform, rugby shirts, precious clothing babygros, the list is endless. Everything is lovingly handcrafted entirely from what you give us. If it is a group school order you are after, we can often source the fabrics and even incorporate a school emblem Find out 

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